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Kickstart to Wealth

Example Chapter

The Philosophy of Winners

book Kickstart to Wealth

"The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, "I wish some one would come by and turn me on."
What if they don't show up?
You've got to have a better plan for your life."
E. James Rohan
Author of Seven Strategies for Wealth & Happiness

What Is A Winner?

"Definition of a Winner: The one that didn't quit"
Michael Moore

We all know a Winner. Turn on any TV and you will see them in Sport, Movies, and sometimes the news even. Michael Jordan, Philip H Knight (CEO NIKE), Kate Ceberano, Horace Grant, Mary Kay Ash to name but a few.

Yes we all know who a winner is but WHAT is a winner?

A winner is someone that has a goal and persists in pursuing that goal until it is attained.

A winner is a person that does not give up.

An example is Winston Churchill who, late in his life, attended a English university to give lecture. Arriving late Churchill went up on stage to give what everyone though would be a hour long speech condensing some of the wisdom this great man knew.

Winston took off his Great Coat and looked over sea of faces. His first words were. "Never give up." There was a pause as he continued to look out over the expectant faces. Some wrote down his three short words and prepared for the rest of the speech.

"Never give up." Said Winston a little louder.

Another long pause. There was a great silence in the Auditorium. Over a minute passed. This was the man who started school as a severe stutterer, who has strived to overcome his affliction and succeeded and had gone on to be one of the worlds greatest orators. Had become the Prime Minister of a country and given hope during the darkest days of the Blitz who had walked among the people guiding them and always assured them of victory with his famous victory sign. This was the man who was giving them his most important lesson.

This time he shouted the words, "NEVER GIVE UP!"

He put on his great coat, walked off the stage and out the door. The audience with tears in their eyes, realized this was the sole essence of his speech. He had given them the wisdom they needed.

The applause and cheering continued long after he had left the building.

The determination to not give up, or stop, or give in can be the most important decision of your life.

A winner is someone who does not look at the obstacles in his or her path. Only at the goal they are striving for.

A winner is a person that ignores 'well intentioned advice' from friends and relations to give up or do something 'sensible'. Instead they remain focused on their objective seeing neither left nor right.

A winner is a person who believes in what they are doing. They continually kindle the fire within them, never letting it go out. Never letting others pour cold water over it. Continually reinforcing their desire or want to achieve that goal, however hard it may seem.

A winner sets up smaller goals as steps on the way to the big one. A winner knows you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time and understands that patience as well as persistence will pay off in the big reward in the end.

A winner knows that there may be small mistakes or 'failures' on the way. Phil Knight gave this piece of advice one time, "Don't be afraid to fail-the only time you have to succeed is the last time you try!"

Adopting the Right Attitude

"It wasn't just luck. I deserved to win it."
Margaret Thatcher (aged nine) on winning a school prize.

What is the right attitude?

Is it, "Oh, I'm not clever/smart/strong/good/persistent enough, don't think I can win, so I won't bother."

Is it, "I have done enough for today, that will do."

Is it, "I am tired."

Is it, "I don't stand a chance. They are all against me."

Is it, "I am too young.", "I am too old.", "Too pretty.", "Too ugly.","Too nondescript." or "I am too short, tall, fat thin."

No it is none of these. It is the opposite in fact.

Your attitude is the way you perceive or see things. It seems to some people that life has given them a raw deal and nothing goes right. They are hard done by. Don't get what they want out of life and generally are very much the victim of circumstances. Yet another person who is relatively 'in the same boat' you might say, reckons that life is treating them well. They have their health, their family. They have many warm and happy friends. They even see an advantage in the rain that falls.

This was illustrated by Nell Mohney in her book Belief Can Influence Attitudes. An experiment was conducted in a San Francisco school. The principal collected together three of the finest professors together and gave them ninety high-IQ students for a year. "We want to see how much they learn under you." he said.

After a year passed, the students had done so well they had achieved between 20 and 30 percent more than the other students in the entire area.

It was then that the principal called the professors in to his study and told them, "I have a confession to make. You did not have ninety of the most intellectually prominent students. They were run-of-the-mill students. We took ninety students at random from the system and gave them to you."

The teachers then said, "This must mean that we are exceptional teachers."

The teachers then asked, "So what made such a difference? How come the entire ninety students perform so well?"

It was their attitude of course. Both teachers and students were told they were the best and so, believing they were the best, they acted the best and then produced the best results. Their expectations, born out of that belief, produced a vastly different result than if they had simply regarded themselves as run-of-the-mill teachers or students.

So how can you change your attitude to believing you will achieve what you want? Paul Meir said, "Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought and habits can be acquired. An action repeated becomes an attitude realized."

We have physical habits which we acquire and change. Smoking, biting nails, saying certain phrases. Following a certain course of action at periodic intervals. We also have mental habits. Thinking along certain lines. Certain thoughts. Fixed ideas.

Every time you catch yourself repeating a negative thought, change it to a positive one. Easier said than done. But just keep on working at it. Habits require repetition to develop.

John Maxwell, in his book, Developing The Leader Within You, suggests the following and it is good advice:

Say the right words
Read the right books
Listen to the right tapes
Be with the right people,

A list of recommended reading can be found at the end of this book.

Motivational Tapes are available from many good quality bookstores.

If you start with the attitude that you can become wealthy. If you have the attitude that this program will assist you to become wealthy. You will have overcome the first obstacle. If you also have the attitude that you will successfully accomplish doing the actions required to accumulate wealth.

Goals and Plans "If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plans, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build up end up building us."
E James Rohn. The Treasury of Quotes

In any desired achievement goal formulating and setting is of prime importance. Alice in Louis Carroll's famous book, Alice in Wonderland, while standing at a fork in the road, asked the Cheshire Cat, "Which way shall I go?" The Cheshire Cat responded by asking her, "Where do you want to go?". Alice replied, "I don't know." The Cat then said, "Well it does not matter which way you go then.'

In order to arrive somewhere it is necessary to know you destination. Just to say, I want to be wealthy is not enough. That is not a destination. That is just a desire. I wish to have a 5 bedroom double story Tudor style house with a double garage and bay windows is a specific goal. Adding time to the Goal, such as in five years time, for example, makes it even more specific.

There is a true story about a man who had an intense desire for a red Ferrari. He dreamed about this Ferrari every night. He even got a picture of a red Ferrari and put it on his fridge so it would be the first thing he saw each morning at breakfast time. He pursued a plan to save for this car. He made a few investments, saved every penny he could and one day a dealer rang to say excitedly that he had just had a fabulous Ferrari just come in and at a price the young man could afford. Rushing down to the dealers the young mad looked over the Ferrari which was a beautiful red colour and saw how fantastic it was, He got inside, felt the leather and heard the engine purring as the dealer turned it on.

The dealer told him it would be ready in a day or two, they just needed to make some adjustments to it. The young man could hardly wait!

A day later the dealer rang and broke the bad news. While the car was out being test driven someone had hit the side and it would take weeks to repair the damage. The young man was disappointed but said OK I'll wait.

It was three days later when the dealer rang and said "Look there is another Ferrari just come in, We have done no work on it yet and it is quite a bit cheaper than the other one being somewhat older. However it is in better condition than the one you saw before. If you want to have a look at it, come down to the showroom today."

The young man drove down to the show room, saw the older red Ferrari and fell in love with it immediately. He put in his old car in part exchange and after paying for the older Red Ferrari out of his savings which he had so carefully hoarded up, drove his pride and joy home.

It was three days later when taking the picture on the fridge down that he noticed something quite remarkable. He took the picture and ran out side with it to compare it with the real car. It was the same car. Not just the same model and make. It was the exact same car, even down to the registration plate.

His desire for that goal, his focusing on that goal, day and night had produced the exact car he had been dreaming about.

The Power of Goals.

Living from day to day is a timeless trap giving no hope for the future. Everyone needs a goal or a purpose in life. Basically it comes down to, no goal or no purpose equals no life. When someone says to you, "Get a life!" They might just as well have been saying, "Get a Goal!" You goal is your own affair. No body else's. You decide what goals and dreams you have in life. No one else.


On a piece of paper right now, write down 6 goals. A goal is something you might want to have, or something you may wish to do, or even something or someone you would like to be.

Make your goals specific. Not, "I want to do good." That is too vague. "I would like to work full time as a volunteer for the Red Cross.", or, "I would like to be a Master Electrician". The more specific the goal or dream, the more it will happen! Make it as specific as you can. Add a time frame to it. One Year, 5 years, 10 Years. Winners and the wealthy all have long term as well as short term goals.

Your goals must be realistic. A leg amputee is not going to become a runner in the Olympics and a totally vision impaired person will not drive at Le Mans. Above all, your goals or dreams must be what you really desire.

Steps such as, 'Acquire large sums of money', will not produce much in the way of results. A step shows something that is done, a doingness, an action. 'Ring up 30 companies.'. 'Tell them you are looking for part time work.' 'Keep doing it until you get an offer for a part time job.', would be examples of specific action steps to form part of a plan.

The steps in the plan must


It is possible for you to reach any destination by traveling along the road towards that destination, without looking at the obstacles in the pathway but by just focusing your attention on the destination itself. Similarly you can achieve almost any goal or desire by following your plan of action and not looking at the obstacles in your pathway but by focusing your attention on the goal.

Over the page you will find the EXERCISES FOR WEALTH No. 1.

Do these exercises. Keep them, as they will prove invaluable as you progress through the program.


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