Keymate – A Mate Indeed!

Ever lost your keys and engaged in a frantic search to find them? I have.

But no more. Having been introduced to Keymate I can now find my keys if they get mislaid or I leave them someplace. This is an excellent idea, especially if you have to look after security keys or important keys such as drug or money cabinets.

I discovered Keymate at a recent symposium. There were two guys in a modest stand at the end of a long line of stands touting various investments and wandered up to take a looksee. I had discovered Keymate!

Keymate works very simply. You attach a key-tag to your keys and carry in your wallet a small transmitter about the size of a credit card. The moment you discover you have lost your keys you simply turn on the transmitter and the key tag attached to your keys will emit a beeping sound to help you locate your keys. The frequency of each key tag and transmitter is unique.

You can also register your device so that if either the tag or the transmitter are lost they can be returned to you. Your key tag contains a free phone number to call if lost so the keys can be returned to the owner. Same with the transmitter.

Some typical uses for Keymate include:

Busy households that always mislay their keys.
Company security keys, to find lost security keys.
Hospitals Wards, to discreetly call individual nurses in their ward.
Homes, Businesses and Organizations that need to find critical keys at all time (Medicine Cabinets, Safes, and Key Safes).
Holiday and Business Travellers can keep Keymate with their passport and travel docs, helping them find them amongst their possessions.
Keymate plus is essential in this busy world – if one forgets one’s keys or wallet or purse, Keymate Plus can locate these for you if reported lost.
Motorists, Motorbike and Boating fans.
Car retailers and used car lots.

The phone number for Keymate is 1300 678 933 to which a free call can be made from a landline.

You can buy Keymate on site at with the usual credit cards. One Keymate costs just under 30 dollars, two under 55 dollars. Batteries will last for years and replacements sets are available for under ten dollars each.

If you have a thing about losing keys or you are responsible for security keys of any sort, Keymate is the answer.