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A Handbook for New Directors


A Handbook for New Directors

This is a Handbook for New Board Directors in Australia. It gives a thorough grounding in what a new board director (private, government and not for profit) needs to know to become and operate as a functioning professional company board director. It is also a useful handbook and instruction manual for the experienced director.

This concise and easy to read book is ideal for the budding dirtector.


Intro to Corporate Governance
A New Director
Goals and Inspiration
Functions of the Board
Cultural Lag of Boards
Diversity in the Boardroom
Risk Management
Time, A Weapon of Mass Construction
The Pareto Principle
Technology for Directors
Legal issues for Directors
Corporate Responsibility
The Board's Code of Conduct
Corporate Governance
Business Networking
Customer Service
Reading Financial Statements

This booklet is designed for the new director. It gives a basic outline of the duties and responsibilities of a board director and includes some extra information to help the new director to find their way in a board and settle in it comfortably.

The board of director's function is primarily that of corporate governance. Corporate Governance is the method by which a corporation or organisation is governed or controlled. How it is run and administered and what policy and guidelines it operates from.

The type of governance a corporation has will depend on a number of factors. Size is one, both of the board and of the company. Ownership structure, even the power structure, who controls what. Also the type of industry and community framework will have a bearing on the corporate structure and governance used by a company.

It is recommended you studies this book thoroughly and make very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is that he or she has gone past a word or phrase that was not understood. Trying to read past a misunderstood word results in mental "fogginess" and difficulty in comprehending the passages which follows. If you find yourself experiencing this, return to the last portion you understood easily, locate the misunderstood word and get it defined correctly and then go on.

More available in the book!

Title: A Handbook for New Directors
Author: Michael Moore
Publisher: Technical Author Services Pty Ltd
Date of Publication: 2019
ISBN: 978-0-6486727-0-8
Price: $9.95 US


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