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What Does Author Services Do?

We provide a consultancy service including research and analysis on a range of subjects including, management, research, publishing mining and precious metals as well as corporate governance. Please check out our list of clients.

We can call upon forty years' experience writing and publishing books, articles for periodicals and magazines as well as top of the line websites on a diverse range of subjects.

We specialise in turning complex technical subjects into plain easy to understand English and copy designed to prompt action by the reader as well as write complex pieces such as prospectuses for investment, legal terms and conditions for example.

Other work includes consulting on and providing

Company Prospectus
Business Plans
Information Memorandums
Website content and information
Doctorates, Thesis and graduate work
Proofreading and editing
Personal profiles
Resumes, Cover Letters and Key Selection Criteria
We also write effective job descriptions for the employer who is limited in time and is looking for just that right employee
Also articles on fraud, Internet activities etc

Examples of some products and services include

A number of copy pieces for companies wishing to increase their customer revenue including several promotional pieces tailored for a not for profit client which they were able to successfully use to generate donations for their cause.

A training course for Mentor Education about which the owner stated, "Michael is a regular contributor to several Journals and Magazines and is much sought for his knowledge. He is a professional author yet has generously shared his knowledge with Mentor's CPD users via informative articles. Thanks"

One of my recent products was an Executive Summary for an emerging Air Conditioning Company in Queensland which they are currently using to seek private investors.

Our rates are very reasonable and we specialise in meeting deadlines and providing the best possible service for all our clients.

Consulting service for authors assisting them to prepare their work for submission to publishers and publishing agents.

"Know Your Customer Policy". Document for an overseas client seeking merchant credit card facilities from a Bank. The document provided was exactly what the client wanted and they were successful in obtaining the credit facilities they wanted as a result.

A complaints process training manual for a large Telecommunications Company. the company wanted a training manual to train their people on a specific and somewhat involved process for handling complaints. This ended up as a 50 page manual with full instructions including screen shots and a developed process for handling all types of complaints the company receives including a process regarding the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

An instruction book for a large US silver coin production company. This company produced its own silver coins or 'rounds' as they are called. The booklet had to describe firstly information about silver and the process for making the coins, then how to set up an account and purchase the coins on line. There was a large variety of coins and silver bullion available so the booklet had to cover many aspects including banking procedures for the accounts.

We provided a New York client with consultation and a subsequent Private Investor Prospectus for high net worth clients for gold investment in Africa. The prospectus was a 20 page document of all the required information and presentation. The client was extremely happy with the prospectus.

Several promotional pieces have been tailored and produced for a not for profit client which they were able to successfully use to generate donations for their cause.

One of our latest products was an Executive Summary for an emerging Air Conditioning Company in Queensland which they are currently using to seek private investors.

A number of instruction manuals covering complaints procedure, using online payment systems, and other areas.

Hundreds of articles for journals, magazines and websites on a diverse range of subjects including precious metals, gemstones, corporate governance, debt management and fraud management.

A series of several hundred articles on gold and related subjects for one of the largest informational gold websites on the net. Proved highly successful as a valuable source of information about gold and precious metals for hundreds of thousands of interested readers.

Writing Key Selection Criteria for professionals

We also manage the publication of monthly newsletters and a quarterly technical journal as well as provide articles and editorials for various magazines and websites on a variety of topics.

Contact me now for further information.

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