Rates & Conditions

I provide a consultancy, research and writing service.

I call upon many years’ experience writing and publishing books, articles for periodicals and magazines as well as top of the line websites on a diverse range of subjects.

I specialise in turning complex technical subjects into plain easy to understand English and copy designed to prompt action by the reader as well as write complex pieces such as prospectuses for investment, legal terms and conditions for example.

Examples of some products and services including:

A training course for Mentor Education about which the owner stated, “Michael is a regular contributor to several Journals and Magazines and is much sought for his knowledge. He is a professional author yet has generously shared his knowledge with Mentor’s CPD users via informative articles. Thanks.”
A number of copy pieces for companies wishing to increase their customer revenue including several promotional pieces tailored for a not for profit client which they were able to successfully use to generate donations for their cause
An Executive Summary for an emerging Air Conditioning Company in Queensland which they used to seek private investors
Various Cover letters, resumes and Key Selection Criteria for Job Applicants
A Complaints Process Training Manual for a large Telecommunications Company
An instruction manual for a large US silver coin production company
A Private Investor Prospectus for a New York client
One of my recent products was an eBook on corporate governance for an advisory service advising boards of directors and CEOs

My rates are very reasonable and I specialise in meeting deadlines and providing the best possible service for all my clients.

General rates for writing and editing services


Writing is priced depending on the type of work done and the level of technical expertise required.

For Resume Services and job application related writing go to: Resume Services
All other letters such as introductory letters,
Copy and blog writing $45 per hour
Technical and or professional including information memorandums, prospectuses, and other similar services $35-40 per hour

Special jobs please ask for a free quote

Editing proofreading

All editing and proofreading is set at $35.00 per hour

Why these rates?

Technical Author Services uses rates based upon the those recommended by the Australian Society of Authors.

Here are some extracts from the ASA guidelines on publishing rates.

Editing, proofing, SEO, Copyrighting

Generally this is charged at around 30-60 dollars an hour depending on the complexity of the job. Large projects would require a quote

Book Publishing

In its Model Publishing Agreement Template, the ASA recommends authors receive a minimum royalty rate of 10% of RRP (recommended retail price) for print books. This royalty rate applies to traditional publishing contracts where authors licence their work to a publisher to be sold in book form.

An estimated potential royalty can be calculated using the following formula: Potential royalty = RRP* x print run x 10%

Thus for a $32.95 paperback with a first print run of 3000 copies, the potential royalty would be $9885.

Typically, an author will be paid a proportion of this amount (up to 50%) as an ‘advance’, the remainder being ‘earned out’ as the book is sold in shops. Often the advance may come in instalments: on signing the contract, on delivery of the final manuscript and on publication.

For more about royalty contracts and the Model Publishing Agreement, see Australian Book Contracts 

Please note that these rates should apply as minimum Australian rates; some overseas companies charge higher rates. Special jobs, such as Executive Summaries and Information Memorandums will require a quote.

*RRP = Recommended Retail Rrice