Review Mercedes-Benz Mornington Dealership

I spent several weeks looking for the car I wanted, A Mercedes E350 black with less than 100K on the clock. I eventually spotted one that looked like it might fit the bill and travelled down to Mercedes-Bens Mornington to view the car. Despite being 10 years old, it had only 70K on the clock and the price was right but there was some work that was needed on the back bumper. I had to go overseas for two weeks but was assured the car would be fully serviced and work done on the back bumper in time for my return.

I part exchanged my 16 year old C320 which was somewhat embattled but did not get what I had expected for it. However I think that was more of a severe reality adjustment than my overly optimistic appraisal of its worth. Nevertheless we decided to do the deal and paid a deposit on the car and was assured that where we returned from our overseas trip in two weeks, the car would be ready and waiting for it.

We duly returned from our holiday and, with a bank cheque burning a hole in our pocket we drove our old Merc down to Mornington. Saying goodbye to the old girl we was walked to the new car and I did not even recognise it initially. There was this gleaming black Mercedes with a gigantic ribbon on it and as we walked around it commented, “That’s a nice one.”

“Its yours.” said the salesperson.

I looked closer and, by God it was, I recognised the registration plate. It was presented in a pristine condition rather like a new Mercedes. We handed over the cheque, completed a mountain of paperwork and was given a complete rundown of the car. Then there was the presents, a Key ring holder my wife had had her eye on, a bottle of wine from a local estate among other goodies. They had even filled the tank with petrol.

I drove the car home and have been driving it for about a week now and it is still in pristine conditions, looks and smells like a new car, runs like a dream and wants for nothing.

Buying a new car can be a traumatic experience and there is always that niggling doubt that you have been ripped off. I must say, in all my dealings with Mercedes-Benz I have always had superlative and attentive service, especially from the outer suburbs dealerships such as Geelong and Mornington. I would certainly recommend Mercedes-Benz Mornington as an excellent dealership to buy your next Mercedes-Benz. Ask for Brett.