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Here is just a small selection of articles I have written. Many hundreds more can be found on various websites listed below. If you go to the books link you can see a selection of books I have written.

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Periodicals, Magazine and Journals in Alphabetical Order


“Platinum The Forgotten Investment” Dec 2011 – Jan 2012 Issue
“Silver – A Road Yet to be Travelled” April – May 2012 Issue
“Rare Earths” July-August 2012 Issue
“Gold Exploration & Mining” October-November 2012

Australian Institute of Company Directors

“Keeping up with the Times” March 2012

Australian Natural Therapist Association

“A tribute to Robert James Moore, Natural Therapist”

Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

“Buy Gold with Paper Money” March edition 2011
“Gold Bulls in a China Shop” May edition 2011
“Solid Gold vs Gold ETFs” July edition 2011
“Silver Price – The Hidden Influences” July edition 2011
“Rare Earths – or Not so Rare” July edition 2011
“Gold – The Last Word in Collateral” September edition 2011
“Is Copper the New Silver?” September edition 2011
“The Chinese Demand for Bauxite” December edition 2011
“Spot Gold Price to be in Yuan” March edition 2012
“The Future of Silver Mining” May edition 2012

Gold Standard Institute

“You can print paper but you can’t print gold”
“Gold in 2012”
“The Rise of the Gold Bugs”
“How to Return to a Gold Standard Part 1
“How to Return to a Gold Standard Part 2”

RG146 Training Australia

These articles are available at Training Australia. An educational training facility. This is where financial services professionals meet and manage their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations. CPD Central provides an interface that gives Users (Managers and Learners) the ability to keep track of all training requirements and view learning materials, as well as providing a means of generating reports at both an individual or group level. The actual courses are at and one needs to enroll to undertake the course.
Legal Issues for an Australian Board of Directors Part 1
Legal Issues for an Australian Board of Directors Part 2

Think Big Magazine

“TIME a weapon of mass construction” Volume 2.3 Nov 2009
“DISCIPLINE the secret to success” Volume 2.4 Dec 2009

Veritas Magazine
“The Truth about Colour Therapy” November 2011
“All About Adult Stem Cells” December 2013


There are hundreds of articles posted on the following websites.

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