The Emerging Police State

The Corona Virus is a Godsend to governments around the world. Why?

Because it is a golden opportunity to apply more controls on their population. No one is going to argue about a virus that is ‘sweeping’ the country. The WHO (World Health Organization) have conveniently declared it a pandemic, despite it being similar to previous viruses that have travelled around the globe and which were largely ignored by governments.

Governments are ‘preparing’ their citizen for the long haul. “It will be six months at the least.” And, “We are all in this together.” A Marketing tool to ensure agreement by the population with the government wishes, by Announcing ‘stages’ of gradiently increasing control measures are enacted, reducing the number of people in the streets, enforcing people to stay at home and making the government the sole supplier of revenue or income. In short controlling the economy and people’s lives.

In Australia The Australian Government has moved to reduce public gatherings to two people. And now the police are out in force to enforce that. No one over a certain age is allowed out except to buy good or medicinal supplies. Legislation is being enacted to be able to impose fines for people that do not comply. Other government s are either on the way to that stage or already there.

In Australia, the armed forces are now about to be deployed to ‘assist’ the police in enforcing ther new regulations. it is being ‘advised’ that people of a certain advanced age not go out at all. The next stage will be curfews. Everyone must be home by 9pm or whatever dictated time is selected by the government.

This is not to say the Corona Virus is not real. Of course it is. And, like previous viral infections, it sweeps the world. And sensible precautions should be taken to reduce one’s likelihood of getting it, just as one does with any prior infection. But for MOST people, it is a MILD infection, much like infections of the past and does not warrant the over the top ‘response’ by governments.

It is over the top response which leads me to believe this is being used as an opportunity by governments to do what they always secretly obsessively want to do, which is impose more control over their population.

In other words, The Emerging Police State. Welcome 1984.