Writing a Personal Profile?


Want to get that job or the love of your life but can’t find the words? Don’t know how to say what you feel? Finding it hard to impress employers with your skills?

Writing about yourself is difficult for many people. An entire industry is built around writing resumes, selection criteria and personal profiles for people who have difficulty expressing themselves in writing.

For those game to have a go here are some useful pointers that can help.

Be truthful This does not mean one has to tell everything. It means do not lie. If you are five foot 6 inches short do not say you are six foot one.

Be genuine You want to portray the person the reader will be interested in. But you, also want to be interested in the reader.

When it comes to relationships there are some important factors to note.

Do you both have the same style personality? What sort of personality would you like to have in a partner? What sort of personality do you portray that is of interested to your prospective partner? Are you compatible? In short, do you fit well together?

Truthful and Genuine description

Presenting a truthful, genuine image of yourself is just as an important part as of selecting the right partner is. You want someone that likes you, is attracted to you and is compatible with you. So you must present yourself as you are, not a beefed up image. Not good saying you are six foot one when you are really five foot two. Have a slim build when you are clearly beefy in stature.

Do you have the same or similar interests?

Be clear about your interests; perhaps even include some petty foibles. Music tastes of course and such matters as do you smoke? Hobbies, work status and information and sexual preference can all be included.


Keep sentences short and to the point. No flowery speeches and avoid phrases such as “I am a trustworthy person, with a good heart looking for fun.” That means nothing. No one is going to say, “I am an untrustworthy person who hates everyone.” and ‘fun.’ What does that mean? It means nothing. Be specific, I like hang gliding or reading Sci-Fi or going salsa dancing or whatever activity you enjoy. Specify the ‘fun’ so that the prospective partner can assess if there is a potential match for them. That does not mean that if you hate football that you SAY “I hate football.” You could say, for example, “I am not into sports but do enjoy video games (or whatever turns you on).” In other words, if you have to say a negative put a positive spin on it.

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