Complaints, Who needs ’em

Complaints, Who needs ’em



Well nobody needs them but almost everyone gets them. This book is about how to handle complaints and even how to turn them into happy customers.

Written in easy to understand English, "Complaints, Who needs 'em" will help the business to understand how vitally important it is to handle complaints, including not only how to prevent them, but also how to reduce those you have got. How to handle the persistent complainer, what you do with the complainers that don't go away, and even how to turn complainers into loyal customers!

If you are a merchant, or even working for a company, this booklet could make a difference to your life and even reduce your stress levels!

You will find out that complaints is not a necessary evil but is actually a tool you can use to expand your business and improve your bottom line!.

Here are the chapter headings and an extract from the book:

1. Risk Management
2. The Pareto Principle
3. Terms & Conditions
4. Three Dreaded Words
5. Complaint Prevention
6. Welcoming Complaints
7. Complaint Management
8. Going that Extra Mile
9. Conclusion

There is lots of information about complaints in the marketplace and mostly it is about 'handling' complaints. Information about reducing complaints is meagre in the market place. Write ups specific to certain professions such as Doctor, Patient and ombudsmen abound to bring to a companies attention to complaints against them.

But there is little written to actually reduce a companies complaints. Only a massive amount to 'handle' existing complaints.

This book is about how to get back control of complaints so you can effectively reduce them to a satisfactory level and turn those that do get in your face to your advantage.

There are a few tools we can use to reduce complaints as well as tools to effectively handle complaints and even turn complainers into happy loyal clients.

Complaints are usually regarded as a stumbling block on the road to business success.

Would you like to know how to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones?

Then read this book and find out how you can use complaints to increase your business!.

Title: Complaints Who Needs 'em
Author: Michael Moore
Publisher: Technical Author Services
ISBN: 978-0-9750499-7-6


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