Airport Vignettes and Other Stories

Airport Vignettes and Other Stories



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Airport Vignettes
The Lady
The Man
The Little Boy
The Package
2. Dentist
3. iPhone
4. Knock on the Door
5. Progeria
6. Chinese Restaurant
7. The Nude
8. The Breakfast Chef
9. Salt Water Adventure
10. The Flower in the Wilderness
11. The Long Grass
12. The Not Quite so Original Idea
13. The Rain Cottage
14. The Robbery
15. The Small Person
16. Under the Bed
17. The Train Station
18. The Train
19. Tigers in a Box
20. Time Out!
21. The Restaurant

“Some great ideas there.” CM

Title: Airport Vignettes and Other Stories
Author: Michael Moore
Published 2009
Publishers: Technical Author Services Pty Ltd
Pages: 245
ISBN: 978-0-9750499-6-9


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