Scientology The Hidden Philosophy

Scientology The Hidden Philosophy



What is Scientology?
Many people have misconceptions on what Scientology is or does. Scientology does not ‘make’ a person a superior being, or more or less than a person. It does not make a person perfect or good or bad, morally superior or inferior. It does not make a superman or woman and it does not make a person crazy. Only the individual himself can do those things.

There are two aspects to Scientology, the Philosophy of what actual exists and the technology of application. As a result of the development Hubbard undertook, Scientology shows how to remove those factors that an individual has accumulated, over a very long time as a being, that impede the individual’s survival on many levels. And it can be used to remove those factors. Just a few of the subjects covered in an easy to understand language.

The Philosophy of Dianetics and Scientology
Scientology: the Hidden Philosophy
Basic Principles of Scientology
Using the Basics
ARC Triangle
Tone Scale
Know to Mystery Scale
Awareness Levels
The Winning Valence
Being Yourself
Overt-Motivator Sequence
Third Party Law
The Stable Datum
Standard Tech
Scientology Doctrine on Marriage and Divorce
Should Auditing be Free?
Free Scientology Material
Ethics: A Tool to be Used
Ethics and Justice in the Field
No Substitute for Standard Tech
Non-Standard Technology
Supreme Being
What is an OT (Operating Thetan)?
The Relationship of Training to OT
Staying the Course
This is not the Scientology You’re Looking For
Standard Technology vs Non-Standard Technology
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