Putting the Boot In on Fraud

Putting the Boot In on Fraud



There are heaps of books designed to protect the consumer from fraud and stolen money. But what about the poor merchant? Who is going to protect him? Who is there to look after the Merchants interests? Not many it seems. Michael Moore has written a book that helps both the merchant as well as the consumer. Here is vital information about how to protect your web site as well as your computer. Easy to understand the hand book gives an excellent rundown on the steps to take

This concise and easy to read book will tell you how you can protect your computer from hacking and your bank accounts from fraud.

Putting the Boot In on Fraud was written specifically for YOU, whether you are a merchant working hard to sell your product or services or you are a consumer simply browsing or purchasing off the net. 'Putting the Boot In' gives you a step by step breakdown of how you can surf safely and reduce the fraud hitting your doorstep and your pocket!

Introduction - A Living Nightmare!
Section One - Home Users Guide
PC Security
Bank Fraud
Section Two - Merchants
Risk Management
The Pareto Principle
Terms & Conditions
Web Site Security
Types of Fraud
Section Three - Steps to Reduction
Counter Measures
Reductions & Recovery
Section Four - Useful Information
A Round up of Tips & Hints

One important issue much on our minds these days is security of our assets. Particularly online. With the advent of the internet came scammers, fraudsters and other morally deficient persons. so it's important you take steps to protect your hard earned assets!

Always ensure you have an effective screening process in place. This is the first line of defence so you should have this rock solid. Ensure you have good solid legal representation Check everything and if nothing stacks up with an order ask the customer to explain. Most will be happy to explain a disparity in the information provided. Don't be afraid you will lose the order. If you do, chances are it was a fraudulent one.

Maintain good relations with your bank contacts. Have them ring you before they take any action such as remove funds or lock accounts. That may give you the chance to recover lost funds and it can save your business. Nothing worse than orders coming in and people demanding products but your accounts have been frozen.

More available in the book!

Title: Putting the Boot in on Fraud
Author: Michael Moore
Publisher: Technical Author Services Pty Ltd
Date of Publication: 2006 Reissued 2010
ISBN: 9780975049983


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